Photographers, Jessica Finn, 05/17/2012

A professional photographer takes photographs and sells them to clients. Photographers can work for the police, and photograph crime scenes, or newspapers, and photograph news stories. They could work for magazines,photographing at fashion shows or celebrities on the red carpet. They can work independantly, and take family photos, wedding photos, graduation photos, and school photos. Some photographers take photos of nature or city scenes and sell prints as beautiful pieces of art work.
Photographers use a lot of different technological devices to take their pictures. Different lenses, different cameras, zoom functions, editing programs, and props to adjust the lighting. Depending on what kind of photographer you are, you will be dealing with different pieces of technology. If you work for the police or a newspaper, you’ll probably need a professional camera that takes high quality pictures. If you do family or school photos, you’ll need special computer software to organize your photos and devices to adjust your lighting. Fashion photographers will need editing tools to photoshop flaws out of their pictures.
For your training and education, you can go to post secondary school and receive training in photographic arts. That will help you learn about different technologies and techniques you need to use to get the perfect pictures. You can also earn a diploma or degree, which will help you get employed at a photographing company. Your salary could be between $20 000 and $60 000 a year, depending on your type of work and your experience. If you are self employed, you will have to provide your own medical benefits, and if you work for a company they may have a plan you can pay into, depending on the work.
Depending on where you work, your working conditions will vary. If you take school, family, graduation or wedding photos, you will be inside in well lite studios for most of the time. If you take artistic photos of landscapes and scenes, you may have to travel to find certain scenes, and you will be outside in all weather conditions. If you are employed by a newspaper you will most likely have to travel a lot and may even been in dangerous situations, like if you are taking war photographs. If you choose to work for the police, you will see a lot of dead bodies and possible gruesome crimes scenes, which can be detremental to some people’s mental health. It can be very stressful being a photographer, or it can be fun and relaxing.

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