Legal secretaries prepare and process documents, pass messages on to lawyers, and schedule appoints/maintain clients' files. Many legal secretaries work in offices, working on 9-5 schedules, but often times overtime is required. Employers include law firms, courts and government agencies. Legal secretaries often spend at least half their day in front of a computer. Legal secretaries can have very demanding jobs because clients can be difficult to deal with.

Legal secretaries perform the essential tasks for lawyers, including preparing/processing a lot of paperwork needed for a legal transaction or court case. Dealing with paperwork is not the only thing they do, however. Legal secretaries also keep the lawyers that they work for organized.


The average salary for the average legal secretary is between $34,000 and $43,000. Experienced secretaries who work in law firms can make more than $60,000 a year.


A high school diploma is required, and many legal secretaries are required to have a post-secondary education. CONA offers a two-year program for office administration. (Office Admin Program)

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Some of the requirements that a legal secretary would need are: being familliar with the software used in law, organizational skills, many employers require for employees to be billingual, and they must also have knoweledge of specific areas in law.


- ability to work under pressure
- organization skills
- communication skills
- Word processing knoweledge
- writing skills
- multi-tasking skills

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Work Environment

- most legal secretaries work in offices, with 9-5 schedules. The environments they work in is usually fast-paced and legal secretaries are normally under tight deadlines/stressful situations. They'd especially need to have strong organizational skills to maintain the files and documents kept in their offices.



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