Heavy Equipment Operator

i have selected this topic for my wiki. i have choose this topic becasue it is something that i am very interested in and can see my self doing in the future.

here is a general description for this job. some are:
  • Use levers and other controls to operate machines that can move heavy objects
  • Prepare building sites with large earth-moving machines, such as bulldozers and excavators
  • Tear up roads, move huge amounts of earth, level roads, or lay new asphalt
  • Demolition operators use their machines to tear down structures

there are many ways of employment for these operatures. there is countless amounts of independant heavy construction companies. anywhere from just a couple of employees all the way up to possibly working for the government and council.

technology has came a long way in helping heavy equipment vehicles. they have changed vehicles so much. now days the construction vehicles are full of electronics. so many things including, ciggarette lighters, heating, air conditing, fully adjustable seats, radio, aux plug in, dvd players, full display screens, and more. also technology hasnt just helped with comfort, it helps a lot in the way the vehcile performs mechanicly. these days if a piece of machinery is not running right, all a certified mechanic has to do is sit in the drivers seat, plug a lap top in, and not even get dirty to diagnose the problem.

there will always be jobs needed in this work area. our world is constantly growing and changing and all of this needs heavy equipment, and in return of course operators.

there are many places in newfoundland to get educated on this and help you get a job:

Academy Canada, Corner Brook campus
Canadian Training Institute, Bay Roberts
Keyin College, Burin
Central Training Academy, Badger
College of the North Atlantic (Bay St. George and Placentia campuses)
Operating Engineers, Holyrood

salaries can range quite a bit. depending on what schooling you have, where you went to school, what piece of equipment you drive, and what company you work for:
  • $10 to $34 an hour for most
  • The average is about $19 an hour
  • Apprentices earn a percentage of the journeyperson wage
  • Construction work is often seasonal

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this is a career i am very interested in. i am interested becasue its something that i have grew up around and has been in my life forever. i have drove equuipment for many years now and im a quick learner that can drive almost anything after some seat time to myself. im great with hands on driving equipment and its something i enjoy doing.

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