====general description:
- Gunsmiths are craftspeople who design, build, and repair firearms, including rifles, pistols, shotguns.

-Gunsmiths need many skills, including woodworking, metalworking, and precision mechanics, to repair or customize the weapons that are brought into their shops. They also need to understand the function of each part of the gun, and how the parts all work together.

-When building a gun, gunsmiths make important decisions that will affect the performance of the piece. The type of metal and wood used can affect the weight and handling of a gun, so they choose these materials based on the gun’s purpose. Special machines are used to cut and shape the materials, and then the parts are put together.

-customers bring in old guns for gunsmiths to rework.the gun smith will go from one end of the gun to the other and clean and adjust all of the different parts to return it to normal. When old guns are brought in for repair, gunsmiths may need to replace parts that are no longer available.

-One of the most satisfying parts of the job is customizing. Designing and building a gun from scratch can be challenging and rewarding. Gunsmiths are asked to install the latest gadgets, such as laser-sights, on guns.

-Since guns are powerful weapons, the slightest alteration can mean the difference between life and death. Gunsmiths always test guns before they return them to their owners.

-Gunsmiths may also sell gun parts and accessories, or do valuations of guns.

====training and education:
- you do not need any educational reguirements to be a gunsmith. you should take many related shop classes such as ones that provided in post-secondary that involve instructions in metalork, wood working, and welding, are highly recomended, these are availible at many colleges.

-There are a few gunsmithing courses offered at private career schools in Canada. However, there are more gun schools in the US, and a few offer correspondence or distance training.

-on the job work is required, gun repair training is dont alot on the job under supervision of a expert gunsmith, there will be alot of asking around from gun shop to gun shot to find a employer willing to train you in.

-you must have a current Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) and complete a firearms safety course. To open your own gunsmithing business or gun shop, you will need a firearms business licence

====work opertunites and real job postings
-Work for gun shops, sporting goods stores, target ranges, gun clubs, firearms manufacturers, the military, and law enforcement agencies, and Some are self-employed.

there are no curent job posting on any websites around north america

====salary and benifits