Engineering psychologists use psychology to investigate how people interact with machines and other technology. These professionals use their understanding of the human mind and behavior to help design and improve technology, consumer products, work settings and living environments. For example, an engineering psychologist might work as part of a team to redesign a product to make it more efficient and easier to use in a work situation. Those working in academic settings report the lowest earnings, while those working in the private sector report higher salaries.
As an applied field of psychology and a part of ergonomics, it aims to improve the relationships between people and machines by redesigning equipment, interactions, or the environment in which they take place. Engineering Psychologist is often described as making the relationship "more user friendly400-04369504w.jpg"
Engineering psychology started during World War II, around 1940, it was developed around this time because many of America’s weapons were failing; from bombs not falling in the right place to weapons attacking normal marine life> the mistakes weretraced back to human error