Dog Groomer

Job Description :
A dog groomer is someone who loves caring for animals,you could get a job in veterinary clinics, pet grooming centres, pet stores, or for yourself in your own business.

Training and Education:
To get into a program in dog grooming you must have graduated from high school, or have your G.E.D. Also you will need to get a Tetanus Vaccination is mandatory for the Animal Grooming program. Students are responsible for obtaining this vaccination from either their family doctor or a Public Health Nurse.The Professional Pet Groomer program is designed to train individuals in all field of professional Pet Styling. The main emphasis is on the grooming of dogs and cats of all breeds. This program is intended for individuals who have a love for all animals and who would like to be their own boss. The Pet Groomer program will prepare students to work as an animal groomer by using a combination of theory and practical work.This is a 14-week, diploma granting program.

Salary and Benefits
Average salary for a pet groomer is between $19,985 and $36,088. Pet groomers who are self-employed may not earn as much as other pet groomers in the long run because of benefits. Pet groomers who work for a company or facility receive benefits such as health insurance, paid time off and a flexible work schedule. Self-employed pet groomers do not receive these benefits. The cost of these benefits should be considered along with salary when making the decision to open a grooming salon.

Working Conditions and Realities
Dog lovers tend to think dog groomers have the ideal job. Groomers get to work with dogs all day long, and dogs are a lot of fun. The reality of it is that dog grooming is strenuous, dirty, hairy and can test one's patience. Dog grooming is not for the faint of heart, but it does have its rewards for those who love dogs and enjoy being artistic. A well-behaved dog is a treat to groom.

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