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Job discription:

A composer is a person who creates original works of music. They can create any style of music ranging from pop or rock to any range of classical music. They spend their time writing melodies and harmonies and sometimes even lyrics to create a whole song or piece of music.


Many composers and songwritters can besome well known in this profession with little to no training, however the majority of successful orchestra and film composer require a music degree. This can be any type of music degree (general, performance, education), however it would be prefered for them to have a music composition degree. This is a four year program to get an undergraduate degree and usually two for a graduate degree, after recieving an undergradute degree.


Work environment:

Most composers write at home or wherever they feel most comfortable, however composers who write jingles for tv or film scores will often work at the film or tv studios with the directors and writters to figure out what they want for the film or show.


Most composers starting out will make about $20 000 a year depending on how much they work and how many of their pieces get published. However many of the more established composer can make more then $200 000 a year if they are working full time in this profession, though many composers onely write part time and have a full time job in another field. Composers will also rarely have benefits unless they are working full time in a commercial industry.

Job opportunities:

There are a number of job opportunities for composers, however many of them are not in Newfoundland. Songwriters will mostly work from home and when they finish a piece will try to get their work published in order to earn a salary. Many composers also try to find someone or some group to commission there work. Also some composers will write pieces for a specific group and will get paid per piece or per minute of music. However the most successful composer will do a lot of film scoring.

Technologie used in this profession:

There are a number of different software programs out there that composers use to write their works and listen to them being played by whatever type of instrument or group they want. These programs have a range of qualities from a fairly simple program for a student just starting out in the field costing around $200-$350, to professional programs for people who are established in the business and have full time employment in the field costing as much as a few $100 000. The two best programs for students are finale and sibelius, these are notation programs, this means that they are meant for you to write out your composition much like you would write an essay for school using a word program. These programs also give you the opportunity to hear your composition being played by computer simulated instruments. Below is a video testing to sound quality of these simulated instruments on the newest version of sibelius.

Famous composers:

Over the years there have been a number of famous composers such as. Johann Sebastian BachLudwig van BethovanJohannes BrahmsGeorge Frideric HandelGustav HolstDmitri Schostakovich (who looks like harry potter) and many more. Some more recent yet still very famous composer are people like Taylor SwiftNicki MinajKaty PerryBruno MarsAdeleRegina Spektor and a number of others.

holst.jpg the planets by guillermo on GroovesharkThis is Holst's most famous composition, The Planets. This composition has 8 movements, one for each planet. It does not have a movement for Pluto since the piece was written between 1914 and 1916 and Pluto was not discovered until 1930. However in 2006 it was discover that Pluto is not a real planet it is just one of jupitors moons. This piece also happens to be one of my personnal favorites, especially the movement "Jupitor".

regina_spektor.jpg Regina Spektor by James Snyder on GroovesharkThese are a few of Regina Speckotrs songs. She learned to play piano at very young age from her mother, Since then she has written many many songs and has become very popular. Some of her more famous songs are, "Dance Anthem of the 80's", and "The call" which was featured in the movie, "The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian".

Regina Spektor
The Planets

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