AutoBody Technician


Auto body repairers are skilled workers who fix cars and trucks that have been in collisions. Most of them work for auto body shops, car and truck dealers, and manufacturers. Others work for trucking companies or bus lines, where they repair trucks, truck trailers, or buses. They can also paint vehicles, fix damages done by putting a paint filler on them and lots more.
TRAINING AND EDUCATION:Training to become an autobody technician takes 4 years, the first takes 9 months, then you go get your career hours (usually 4000 hours), and go back for 6 weeks for the rest of each terms providing you have all of your hours. Then after the 4 years of school\training youre ready to work.
SALARY AND BENEFITS:The average pay for a first year is $18.00-$22.00, but as you get more advanced and you finish your whole 4 years you can get up to $35.00 an hour. The average salary a year is about $36,000.
There is someone using a grinder And here is someone using a sander to fix a scratch probably